Hijaz Railway Saudia Arabia – Evidence of “Arab Uprising” 1916-1918

The Ottoman Empire built a railroad from Damascus,Syria to Medina, Saudi Arabia for their Muslim followers to travel to their holy shrines in Medina and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Part of the railroad ties were made in Pennsylvania by a U. S. railroad assembles in 1885. In this part of Arabia the “Arab uprisings” in 1916-1918 against the Ottoman Empire were partly led by a British soldier later referred to as Lawrence of Arabia. He was famed for his exploits in blowing up the Hajaz railroad among other daring encounters with the occupying Turks.

Hijaz Railway Northern Saudi Arabia 10 miles South of Jordanian border lies the remains of a locomotive blasted from its tracks and laying on its side. The left front drive wheel was shattered laying in pieces on the sand. None of the metal parts showed signs of rust in 1976.

Graves of 9+ deceased with wrecked locomotive in distance. The Arabs/British/Turks had buried the dead.

Looking North near the wreck an old railway station of the Hijaz Railway located 20 miles South of the Jordanian border in Saudi Arabia crumbles in the heat and wind of the desert. Picture taken in December 1976. The rails rust free from the sand and wind look like trains passed over them daily in the 90 years since the last train came this way.