Most Amazing Kailash Temple in Ellora Caves

This 1200 year old Hindu temple is carved from a single piece of stone.
Kailash Monolithic Hindu Temple – Ellora Caves in India – An extravagant stone complex known as the Kailash Temple rises alongside high basalt cliffs in the Indian state of Maharashtra. While the multi-faceted appears as a separate structure, it was carved from a single stone from top to bottom.
The Kailash Temple is the incomparable heart of the Ellora Caves, consisting of 34 caves that were built between the 5th and 10th centuries.
Is the Kailash Temple an unique combination of two dominant styles? Buddhist cave architecture and Hindu temple style. The temple is a huge monolithic rock that was carved in an unusual way. The main temple has a columnar prayer room with a unique roof pattern that consists of lions in concentric circles. Five side shrines and two gigantic light stands are carved directly from stone.