There is a tomb in Ireland called Newgrange that is from the Stone Age!

There is a tomb in Ireland called Newgrange that is from the Stone Age! it is at least 600 years older than the Great Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and 1,000 years older than Stonehenge in England.

It is a so-called “passage tomb” and was originally nothing of the sort. It was demolished and rebuilt in the 1960s. However, you are not here for that.

Newgrange is part of the Boyne Valley complex and the two sister graves Knowth and Dowth are within walking distance. These three Boyne Valley tombs are three of the most famous tombs in existence, and we believe they were around 3,200 BC. BC, and the entire Boyne Valley is actually a World Heritage Site! One of only two in Ireland.

It is also important in front of the many other step graves in Ireland as we believe that it is actually a temple and a tomb. It also shows some of the best examples of Neolithic art in Europe. But strangely, we don’t know if the original builders were the people who used it as a temple. In fact, we now believe that the “mug” people (named after their use of mug pottery) were the ones who built an enclosure around them and possibly also used it as a religious site that we are not yet sure of Meaning of, aside from religion. This is suspected due to the wooden rod holes. It is possible that these people were descendants of the original builders or may have been migrants. In this case, they might have seen Newgrange as an artifact of some kind of pioneer and therefore of a religious nature.